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Journey To Sustainable Performance

When we focus on things that really matter in the workplace, we can achieve sustainable organisational and individual performance.

Muutos’ science based, bio-psycho-social model; systematic, phased approach; and our utilisation of world leading frameworks enable us to help you bring focused changes into your organisation and to your staff members.

We take you back to basics and help you understand what really is hindering your company’s people related performance.

We help you design and implement new practices, structures and behaviours that move your business towards a culture of well-being and superior performance.

We equip you with knowledge and tools that enable you to continue your Journey to Sustainable Performance long after we have stepped away.

Muutos works with you through the whole change lifecycle, and beyond.


All our services are fully tailored to your unique business requirements.

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Integrated Nature Of Human Functioning

When we are well, our brain is well and operates at its most optimal level. We have full access to our brain’s higher functioning and achieve optimal cognitive performance. We thrive.

When our genetically programmed physical and psychological survival needs are not met in our workplace, our brain experiences a stress reaction.

Our brain’s higher functioning gets inhibited, and we lose our ability to think straight and rationally, make decisions, plan, remember, and learn. We lose our ability to be creative, considerate, connect, collaborate, and negotiate. We lose our effectiveness and performance in stressful and unpleasant conditions.

Muutos uses brain science and practical psychology to help improve your organisational and individual performance, and bring the best out of the individuals in your organisation.

The Muutos Cycle

This model, representing the integrated nature of human functioning, is the foundation of all our services.

The Muutos Cycle

This model, representing the integrated nature of human functioning, is the foundation of all our services.


Our Phased Approach

Phase 1

Organisational Effectiveness Assessment

Equip The Leader

Performance Enabler Assessment

Journey To Excellence

Map The Journey

Phase 2

Equip Managers

Performance Enabler Assessments

Journey To Excellence

Phase 3

Equip Employees

Performance Enabler Assessments


Phase 4

Analyse Findings

Discover Solutions

Excelling Managers

Implement Improvements

Phase 5

Journey To Change Management Maturity


Sari Vanska

Sari Vanska


Muutos was born from a realisation that my extensive knowledge, experience, and world class tools could form a unique “one stop shop” service for tech businesses to improve their individual and organisational performance and well-being.

I worked decades with global tech giants, and throughout the years achieved qualifications in IT Service Management, Human Givens Practical Psychology and Prosci Business Change Management.

These skills and tech experience, together with my love for educating, enabling, and supporting people provided a perfect foundation for designing this exceptional end-to-end service, that Muutos now so enthusiastically delivers.

 Journey To Sustainable Performance

Our unique end-to-end service

We Assess

We carry out straightforward organisational and individual assessments.


  • Organisational Effectiveness Assessment reviews your people related business operations and employee lifecycle management, helping you identify what is hindering the positive employee experience, performance, well-being, and retention.
  • Performance Enabler Assessments enable your managers and employees to identify what in their own immediate work practices and conditions is holding back their optimal performance.
We Educate and Equip

We teach your staff revolutionary knowledge about human behaviour, motivation, well-being, and performance, and equip them with simple, practical, and pragmatic tools & frameworks for improving them.

  • Equip the Leader and Equip Managers modules empower your managers to better understand, support and develop their teams, and themselves!
  • Equip Employees module empowers your employees to take charge of their own their own well-being and performance more easily.
  • Journey to Change Management Maturity module enables your organisation to better manage the people side of changes.
We Develop and Mentor

We further develop, support, and motivate your leaders and managers in their Journey to Sustainable Performance. Our assessments help you identify what additional knowledge and skills are needed, and below modules provide them.

  • Excelling Managers modules consist of tailored workshops providing additional knowledge, frameworks, and tools for running smoother operations and more effective people management practices. 
  • Journey to Excellence modules provide individual mentoring, helping your managers continue utilising these new tools & skills after the improvements have been implemented.
We Advise and Transform

We help you transform your employees’ and organisation’s performance.

  • Analyse Findings module teaches how to analyse your Organisational Effectiveness Assessment and the Performance Enabler Assessments.
  • Discover Solutions modules help you discover and develop necessary improvements to your operations, practices, structures, and culture.
  • Through Implement Improvements consultation we help you plan and implement those changes. We want to continue supporting you into the future to ensure that all new practices and behaviours “stick”. We use Prosci®, a world leading change management approach, to do that.

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